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Make any space your space.

Gustav is designed for people in agile and flexible offices.

Activity-based and co-working is the most significant change in workplace design. That means that many people no longer have a dedicated desk at work.

Gustav is there for you to store and move around all the stuff you need and love. The Activity Based Worker’s new best friend.



Light. Handy. Friendly. Yours.


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Laptop stand. Enables an ergonomically correct posture.

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Store and move around all the stuff you need and love. 

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Packs up in seconds. Fits into a standard locker.


Your personal storage & laptop stand

Gustav makes intelligent use of space by transforming into a phone or laptop stand. This is adjustable to allow ergonomically correct posture in a number of different environments. Wherever it may be.

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Some of our customers


It’s good to have a little friend in the office. 

Gustav's real wood finish and curved corners gives it a friendly feel.  The simple, minimalist design invites you to personalise it, with room for photos, notes and storage of the stuff you need and love. That way any place you take Gustav feels like your space. Straight away.



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